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Small Business Development

Most Global 1000 organizations forget that they started out as a small business.  The major conglomerates in today's global marketplace didn't spring into being overnight.  It took years to develop the tools, techniques and processes for success.

Small businesses need access to the same type of business process improvements, technological advancements, and increased efficiencies that the Global 1000 corporations can afford to implement. 
Soláthair’s Small Business Consulting provides the future leaders of the world marketplace with the expertise to enable cross-functional process optimization and build effective operational structures. Soláthair will guide small businesses using the same approaches and methodologies being implemented at larger corporations, but tailored to the ever-changing needs of the entrepeneur.

Benefits that your small business can expect are:

  • Accomplishing more
  • Going beyond your current limits
  • Realizing your potential for growth
  • Being more goal oriented
  • Knowing more about yourself, your competition and your marketplace 
  • Knowledge of tools that keep you focused on your goals
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