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Executive Coaching

The mentor, not being the professional’s manager, parent or partner, comes to the relationship with no hidden agendas and complete, unbiased objectivity. The mentor listens, challenges limiting assumptions, asks questions, offers suggestions, and gives encouragement, support and feedback. The process of working in partnership with a mentor, enables individuals to recognize and strengthen their unique abilities and skills so that they can make the most of all their opportunities. The mentoring process is based on what people do when they do something excellently.


Soláthair’s mentoring staff are well-rounded professionals. Many have had successful entrepreneurial careers of their own. We seek out individuals who have keen observation skills, outstanding people skills, and a solid track record in management. Soláthair’s coaches and mentors are open-minded executives who act as guides. They are there to help you find the solutions, develop plans, and execute them.

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