Operational Excellence
Value Chain Optimization
Supply Chain & Logistics

Soláthair’s Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting provides you with the expertise to achieve vast improvements in your operating expenses, working capital and revenue, through targeted improvements throughout your entire value chain. Proven methodologies and approaches will help your company improve order-to-delivery time and profitability by eliminating waste in production environments and by streamlining and simplifying the entire design-through-delivery process.

Soláthair is one of the premier supply chain consulting partners, with resources and experience you can rely on. We offer a full spectrum of solutions and services covering all elements of supply chain management through our worldwide consulting resources and strategic partners.
Our packaged or customized service offerings follow the entire project continuum, from initial vision through to successful completion. No matter what project phase you are in, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of our experts to get the job done on time and within budget.

Operational Excellence

  • Asset Utilization
  • Process Flow Optimization
  • Discreet Process Improvements

Value Chain Optimization

  • High Speed Fulfillment
  • VMI Implementation
  • Transportation Optimization
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