Operational Excellence
Value Chain Optimization
Operational Excellence

By focusing within the “four walls” of your organization, our specialists enable you to achieve significant results towards “Best in Class” product delivery. 

In an economic climate characterized by unpredictable and rapid change, organizations are faced with excess capital tied up in buildings, inventories, and personnel. Supply Chain performance improves as a business progresses towards synchronizing customer demand with materials procurement, manufacturing and distribution.
Maintaining flexibility within the Supply Chain contributes greatly to a company’s ability to deliver outstanding customer service while tying up a minimal amount of working capital.
  • Asset Utilization - By reviewing the Strategic placement and utilization of production and distribution facilities, our experts can help achieve positive cash flow and help bring you closer to the customer.

  • Process Flow Optimization – Soláthair’s process specialists utilize proven techniques to define and evaluate your business process for strengths and weaknesses in order to identify areas for improvement.

  • Discreet Process Improvements - Each project would address specific business issues and target specific performance improvements. Through the elimination of non-core activities and establishment of process improvements, your organization will see step improvements in customer satisfaction, order fulfillment and the reduction of costs in material handling and inventory.
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